We get asked a variety of different bowling-related questions all the time, so we've compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions. If you have a question for us that you can't find on this list, please send us an email through our Contact Form or give us a call at 604.253.2747. Please note that we do not accept reservations through the contact form, nor can we give availability information. The form is for general questions only. Please call us to book lanes or plan events.

Q. Can we bring in our own alcohol?

A. Absolutely not. Our licence does not allow for outside alcohol, and any patrons found consuming outside alcohol will be asked to leave, forfeiting any time left on their game. If it is not obvious who brought in the alcohol, the whole group will be asked to leave.

Q. Can we bring in/order outside food?

A. No, we do not allow outside food at all. We have a kitchen upstairs and hot dogs and nachos available downstairs. (Check out The Menu). If you will be making a large kitchen order, please let us know in advance.

Q. Can we bring in a birthday cake?

A. You can bring in a birthday cake, however prices default into hourly rates. Please supply your own plates and utensils for your group. Advanced notice required.

Q. Do you have any specials?

A. We have 3-game special rates for each of our different types of bowling. Regular 5-Pin is $16.00, 5-Pin Black Light (Glow) Bowling is $17.00 and 10-Pin (when available) is $17.00. All 3-game specials include 3 games and shoe rentals. 3-game specials are only available to groups of 10 people or less. 

We post information about our seasonal specials on the Specials Page.

Q. How long does it take to bowl a game?

A. As a general rule, we estimate about 10 minutes per person per game. This number varies depending on the type of bowling (5-Pin each frame consists of 3 balls whereas with 10-Pin, each frame is 2 balls) and whether or not the bowlers are familiar with the game or new to the sport. So as an example, 4 people on a lane could take between 35 mins and 45 mins to bowl one game.

Q. Is it better to book by the hour or by the game?

A. When booking your reservation you may have a choice whether to rent lanes or pay by the game per person. If you have booked 3 or more lanes, our policy is to charge by the hour. For 1 or 2 lane bookings, many times it is a better value to pay by the game. For example, 10 people doing Glow 5-Pin bowling on 2 lanes (max 6 each lane) who would like to play for about 2 hours would be calculated as follows:


2 lanes x $45/hr (rate for Glow 5-Pin bowling) x 2 hours = $180.00
10 people x $4.00 each shoe rental = $40.00
Total = $220.00 or $22.00 per person

By Game

10 people x 2 games ($5.50 each game - rate for Glow 5-Pin bowling) = $110.00 (will take about 1.5 hours to play)
10 people x $4.00 each shoe rental = $40.00
Total = $150.00 or $15.00 per person

If you are unclear about the best way to go about booking your reservation, our friendly staff will be pleased to assist you.

Q. When should we make our reservation?

A. Please try to make reservations as early as possible. The more lanes you need to book, the more notice we require to accommodate your event. Children's birthday parties should be booked at least a week in advance. As well, Friday and Saturday nights tend to be quite busy so calling a couple days in advance or at least a day in advance is a good idea.

Q. What do you require to book a reservation?

A. To book lanes, give us a call at 604.253.2747. We will check availability and then reserve your lanes. We require a name and phone number, the time you'd like to start bowling, how many lanes are required, and what type of bowling you'd like to do (Glow 5-Pin, Regular 5-Pin, or 10-Pin). Booking 3+ lanes requires a $20 deposit per lane, payable within 3 days of your reservation. The deposit is then returned to you or subtracted from your final bill the day of the booking. Children's birthday parties require a non-refundable flat $20 deposit.

Q. Do children pay the same rates as adults?

A. Yes, children pay the same rate per game, but get a reduced rate on shoes or free shoes if they are 12 and under.

Q. What size shoes do you offer for rent?

A. We have shoes from infant size 6 to children's size 4 and up to size 11 women's or size 17 men's. We also offer half sizes for both women and men.

Q. Do our shoes get left at the front counter when we put on bowling shoes?

A. No, your shoes stay with you. Just be sure to bring back ours when you're done.

Q. Can we go outside with our bowling shoes on?

A. No, you cannot step outside the bowling centre with your rental shoes on. You may not take your bowling shoes outside for any reason, as it will ruin them... dirt/debris will collect on the bottom and the shoes will no longer 'slide'.

Smokers should be aware that if you wish to step outside for a cigarette you will have to change into your street shoes, and please don't ask... there are no exceptions. Due to Vancouver law, you must be six metres from the door, which means you may not smoke on the stairs and must move around the corner. Stepping outside in your socks is discouraged as well, as they will be put back into our rental shoes.

Q. Are you licensed both upstairs and downstairs?

A. Yes we are! We serve beer, cider, coolers and wine (no spirits).